Making Your Dream Smile Come True

Having a flawless, natural-looking smile changes the way people think about themselves. It gives them a boost of confidence, they smile more, feel more outgoing, and more new opportunities start to come their way. with a commitment to excellence in service and patient care...

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What type of smile do you have?

Your smile can make a very powerful impression among others, especially on first sight. In occasions such as interviews the lack of confidence in your smile may be considered as a major factor. Regular dentist visits can do more than keep your smile attractive. Recent studies reveal that the health of your mouth...

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Kids Dental Health

Oral health has a major role in the overall health and well being of children. Kids with little or no dental care are susceptible to oral diseases such as cavities causing unnecessary pain, infection, and malnutrition. Many parents have a tough time judging how much oral care their children need...

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Know Your Problem & Hire Us...We are with You

  • Are there spaces between your teeth?
  • Are your teeth dull, dark, or stained?
  • Are they crooked, misshapen, or out of line?
  • Do you show too much gum tissue?
  • Are your gums irregularly shaped, higher on some teeth, lower on others?
  • Are your teeth too small or too large?
  • Are the edges of your teeth (as a group) too long or too short?
  • Do your teeth slant one way or another?

If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions, you can be helped by cosmetic dentistry

Why We?


Kolabhagathu Dental & Orthodontic Specialty Centre, Pathanamthitta has been providing safe dentistry in Kerala since 1994. By 2014, we are entering 21st year of dedicated service. We are keen in maintaining all the relevant computerized treatment details of our customers since 1994 which enable us to select fast an ideal treatment option for each patient, avoiding unnecessary investigations and procedures. This also helps us to evaluate ourselves and further improve our services to maintain us at a very high success rate. We are glad that more than 80% of our new customers are referred by existing satisfied customers and that we have a large number of clients circle which extends all over the globe. Maximum care is taken to keep our failure rates at the minimum possible level. Dental implants provide the best and aesthetically pleasing rehabilitation methods for missing dentition. An experienced Dental Implantologist can create even better appearance and function than that of the natural dentition. The latest technologies in Aesthetic dentistry redefine your facial appearance and personality. An experienced Aesthetic dentist can evaluate and analyze the dentition and modify it even at the minute level with utmost perfection, utilizing light reflections, translucencies, and illusions. High sterilization standards (autoclaving) and usage of disposables where ever possible. Tie up with IMA-IMAGE for proper biomedical waste management - Eco friendly Hospital.

Our Quality policy : We use latest and time tested technologies in dentistry with the support of experience. Our doctors are qualified from the best institutions in India and are trained internationally. Our laboratory works are done by the best and certified laboratories in India and abroad. We preserve nature and practice safe dentistry.


The experience I had at Kolabhagathu was pleasing, their approach was impressive. As I wanted a smile treatment, they did a few check-ups, then explained the best treatment for me, proceeded after I had agreed on it. I was surprised to see my new smile. Now I get a lot of compliments about my smile, none of my friends believe it was done in Pathanamthitta. Thanks a lot Dr. Ninan

Mr. Jacob George

I consulted the Kolabhagathu for Dental Implant. Dr Ninan performed a miracle with great care and skill in what is a complex procedure. His patience was appreciable, and he was ready to answer any questions in a clearly. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable and always willing to assist. The environment is well equipped. I will recommend Kolabhagathu to my friends.

Mr. Sam Abraham

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Dr. Samuel K Ninan
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Dr. Maya Mathai
Dr.Kavitha Varghese

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