About Us

Written By : Dr. Samuel K Ninan | 26-May-2014

Kolabhagathu Dental & Orthodontic Speciality Centre has created a land mark in the Dental Treatment Scenario of the "Gods own country" over last 20 years. With a dedicated team of reputed doctors and staff, the centre has touched the hearts of many satisfied customers the world over. Later, Centre for advanced Dentistry, Dental Implants & Smile Designing Centre, was added as a golden feather to its cap by merging the two latest technologies in dentistry - Dental Implantology & Aesthetic Dentistry. Dental implants provide the best and aesthetically pleasing rehabilitation methods for missing dentition. An experienced Dental Implantologist can create even better appearance and function than that of the natural dentition. The latest technologies in Aesthetic dentistry redefine your facial appearance and personality. An experienced Aesthetic dentist can analyze your appearance and smile to enhance your total facial expression. Minute modifications of your dentition and related structures with utmost perfection, utilizing light reflections, translucencies and illusions will bring a total personality change which will improve your confidence. Kolabhagathu Dental & Orthodontic Speciality Centre, Pathanamthitta has been providing safe dentistry in Kerala since 1994. By the year 2014, we are completing 20 year of dedicated service. We are keen in maintaining all the relevant computerized treatment details of our customers since 1994 which enable us to quickly select an ideal treatment option for each patient, avoiding unnecessary investigations and procedures. This also helps us to evaluate ourselves and further improve our services to maintain us at a very high success rate. We are glad that most of our new customers are referred by existing satisfied customers and that we have a large number of clients circle which extends all over the globe. Maximum care is taken to keep our failure rates at the minimum possible level. Dental Implant & Smile Design Centre is a new venture of Kolabhagathu Dental & Orthodontic Speciality Centre, Pathanamthitta, Kerala where highly experienced and qualified personalities Dr. Samuel K. Ninan, Dr. Maya Mathai, Dr. Shukoor K.M. and Dr. Kavitha Varghese combine their knowledge to deliver the best for their customers across the globe.

Making your dream smile come true

Written By : Dr. Maya Mathai | 26-May-2014

Having a flawless, natural-looking smile changes the way people think about themselves. It gives them a boost of confidence, they smile more, feel more outgoing, and more new opportunities start to come their way. We take enough time to ensure that each of our patients is given a thorough examination and detailed explanation of your dental needs. We offer dental care that is customized to meet your personal priorities and choices. We look forward to having you as member of our practice. We are happy that we could introduce all modern trends in Orthodontics, Implant & Cosmetic dentistry for our esteemed customers and we are maintaining our position even after years. Because we consider, it is our duty to offer you and your family the finest treatment available-delivered with compassion in the most comfortable setting, with a commitment to excellence in service and patient care.

Kid's Dental Health

Written By : Dr. Jisha Thankam Jacob | 26-May-2014

Oral health has a major role in the overall health and well being of children. Kids with little or no dental care are susceptible to oral diseases such as cavities causing unnecessary pain, infection, and malnutrition. Many parents have a tough time judging how much oral care their children need. They know they want to prevent cavities, but they dont always know the best way to do so. So we are here to provide you better oral care guidance and to understand your kids dental needs.