International Standard Amenities

We have a strong urge to provide the very best service from us. That’s why we always try to maintain a premium physical environment along with providing international quality treatment.

  • All advanced treatments and equipments under one roof
  • We try to provide you the most advanced, state of the art treatment facilities in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics – including the best environment.

  • Highly qualified and experienced team
  • We believe that the success of a treatment not only depends on modern equipments used, the expertise of the doctors is of major consideration.

  • Tie ups with Major Dental Laboratories in India and abroad
  • We have tie ups with the most modern dental laboratories in India, Sweeden and Germany.

Modern Treatment Facilities

  • Digital Radiography
  • For detailed imaging and intraoral monitoring, digital radiography technique is used as diagnostic aids in our clinic

  • Electrocautery
  • No need of fear in cuts and incisions inside the mouth. Modern electrocautery now prevents unnecessary bleeding, pain etc in intraoral surgeries.

  • Minor operation theatre
  • For attending and treating all non-emergency oral surgeries, loose removals, extractions, a minor operation theatre has been set up.

  • Recovery room
  • For proper recovery from anesthesia, post anesthesia care unit is setup along with operation theatre.


Systematic Consultation

  • Computerized treatment record maintenance
  • Sufficient number of equipments, instruments and back ups
  • High sterilization protocol
  • Usage of disposables where ever possible
  • 24 hours emergency service
  • Dental Education Software
  • Time saving treatment packages
  • Tie ups with Dental Clinics in India and abroad
  • We have tie ups with dental hospitals and clinics in many countries across the globe for further treatments and emergency management.


Premium Physical Features

  • Our Quality Policy
  • Our clients must feel relaxed and comfortable with us and they should feel they are being cared and treated specially while they are with us.

  • Minor operation theatre
  • For better management of the surgical cases and implants a minor operation theatre has been set up.

  • Fully air conditioned treatment centre
  • VIP waiting lounge
  • Recovery room
  • Consultation by appointments
  • Dental Tour Packages